Cloud 66 changelog
Cloud 66 changelog

Maestro On-Demand Jobs Supported




We now support setting your Maestro job schedule to be "on-demand" and allow you to manually invoke the job via "Run Now" in the UI, or via the CX Toolbelt

Updated Sidebar Navigation

Configuration has moved into Application Settings. This consolidates the majority of the configuration pages into a single place for easier location. Network specific settings are still grouped into a single area.

Additionally, we’ve moved Preview Deployments from Application Settings to the application overview page. For more info read our blog post: Review changes before deploying to production.




CX Toolbelt Servers List Update




The servers list command of the cx toolbelt has been updated to now allow output columns to be specified, which allows extra information about servers to be displayed. For a full list of available columns, please run: cx servers help list

New Kubernetes Version Released




For our Maestro customers, Kubernetes version (v1.23.x) is now available and will be the default version installed when new Maestro applications are created (as well as the default version installed when existing Maestro applications are upgraded).

Clone and Delete Application Have Moved into the Settings & Information page

Clone and Delete application can now be found on the Settings & Information page in the new "Application Actions" section.

New Maestro Service Detail Page

Service information and running containers have been consolidated into a single service detail page.

Service information is now displayed in a table above the running containers. It's collapsed by default but can be expanded to display full details about the image and service configuration.

The "Re-create Service & Deploy" option can now be accessed from deploy dropdown on this page.

Server Snapshots




Scaling up your applications just got a lot faster! This is achieved by taking server snapshots at the end of a successful deployment, in the background. These snapshots are based on the server disk, and are used to greatly decrease time taken scaling up new servers - in our tests we've observed at least a 3x decrease!

Want more info? Read more about server snapshots.

At the beginning, Server Snapshots will be disabled, however over the next 3 months, we will enable it for all account by default.

NGINX v1.22.x Now Supported




I am happy to announce that we now support a newer version of NGINX for new servers running Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04.

By default, NGINX 1.22.0 and Passenger 6.0.14 will now be installed. More version information can be found here.

Prepress Apex Redirection




Prepress customers (for static site hosting) will notice that you can now configure apex redirects for your prepress site. This allows you to automatically redirect from apex to www domains. For example: redirect from to This is good news for Google SEO because sites are penalised when there are two different domains serving the same content. Happy redirecting!

API Token Expiry




We now allow API tokens (including Toolbelt - CX tokens) to be expired after a set time. This expiry time can be set per user group under your Teams section, including for the Service Accounts.

Using token expiry increases the security of your infrastructure and code by blocking access to Cloud 66 API for a token after it has expired. We recommend using expiry to all of your API tokens without exceptions.