Cloud 66 changelog
Cloud 66 changelog

API Token Expiry




We now allow API tokens (including Toolbelt - CX tokens) to be expired after a set time. This expiry time can be set per user group under your Teams section, including for the Service Accounts.

Using token expiry increases the security of your infrastructure and code by blocking access to Cloud 66 API for a token after it has expired. We recommend using expiry to all of your API tokens without exceptions.

New Log Viewer




Today we are rolling out our new "operation log viewer." This feature is not just a new page to show logs but a whole new way to find logs for actions taken by you and your team on your applications. The new log viewer page supports historical deployment logs, allowing you to see logs from previous actions. In addition, you can see logs for background operations, like renewing your SSL certificates using the new log viewer.

The new log viewer has a full-text search, collapsible sections, a context viewer, and support for permalinks to each line for communicating issues with your team.

The new log viewer page is built on top of a new logging facility for speed, storage efficiency, security, and searchability. New logs will be available for future operations and deployments. We hope you enjoy this new feature and as always, please let us know how we can improve it.

Prepress Multiple Domains with Apex Support




Great news! We now support multiple custom domains for prepress applications, including apex/root domains!

Want more info? Read more on configuring DNS with Prepress.

PostgreSQL v14 Now Supported




We now support PostgreSQL v14! New PostgreSQL installations will install v14 by default. You can of course still specify to install an older version via your manifest.

The PostgreSQL v14 update brings various improvements over PostgreSQL v13, if you are looking for more detail, head over to read the official release notes.

GitHub integration changes




We're simplifying and improving the way code is pulled via our new GitHub integration. Using this integration, we will automatically generate GitHub tokens and use those instead of SSH keys where appropriate. This will provide better granularity for GitHub repository permissions.

For all repositories that have not been granted access through the integration (including those not on GitHub), there is no change in behaviour, and we will continue to use the SSH key as before.

This will be rolled out incrementally to all customers with the GitHub integration.

For more information, please visit our help page on pulling source code.

New Ruby versions released




For our Rails/Rack customers, the latest Ruby releases v3.1.2, v3.0.4, v2.7.6 and v2.6.10 are now available. These are primarily security patch releases. For more information, see the official Ruby release notes

Health Checks Consolidation




We've consolidated health check information into a single section of the Dashboard (under application settings) to simplify configuration and evaluation. Previously, deployment health checks were only available via your manifest configuration. You can now specify an endpoint to check during deployment via the Dashboard.

Find out more in our health checks documentation

Rolling Deployment Improvements




We've just released some improvements to our rolling deployment workflow (for Rails/Rack applications). We now use an improved heuristic to better balance the available server resources across your server deployment groups, and have introduced server tags in case you want to override and control the allocation of server deployment groups yourself.

Lastly we've also included a warning in the Dashboard if you don't have deployment health checks enabled when using rolling deployments, since deployment health checks are integral to ensuring zero-downtime deploys!

Find out more in our help documentation

Announcing Prepress v2

If you have a marketing website, blog or any type of static website, this one is for you:

We just rolled out a major update on our static site builder, Prepress. The new Prepress

  • adds support for all major cloud providers
  • gives you realtime visitor log access with enriched visitor data
  • lets you route traffic with Traffic rules

…and it costs only $1.99 per month per site!

Read more about Prepress v2.




Rails default Node.js now v16




Our Rails/Rack customers may notice that we now install Node.js v16 when creating new servers. We typically keep this version as stable as possible to avoid breaking older applications, however, if you need a newer or older version to be installed, you can always specify the node.js version in your manifest!