Cloud 66 changelog
Cloud 66 changelog

Fast Scaling Maestro Services




We are happy to announce an improvement to the way in which Maestro services are edited (this includes scaling up/down of service counts). Now, you can change one (or more) Maestro services via the UI and apply those changes independently of a deployment. A big improvement due to this is that scaling up or down no longer restarts all pods, and only adds or removes pods as required.

When you make scaling changes to your services, don't forget to apply them by clicking on the Apply button on the top of the server list.

Please note while previously deploying an application would apply your scaling changes at the same time, this is not the case anymore and scaling changes will not be applied during a normal deployment.

New Dashboard Table View




We are pleased to introduce a new Table application dashboard view. For users with large numbers of applications, this is the first step in making the dashboard view more scannable/usable. Additionally, using this new dashboard view, you can now start deployment of multiple applications at once! Please give it a try and let us know your feedback!

Default NGINX Configuration updated




We've updated the SSL configuration in our newest NGINX configuration to provide a higher level of transport security. This means that by default, newly created applications will no longer support very old clients that rely on less-secure protocols, although this can be overridden if you require.

The new NGINX configuration is applied automatically for newly created applications, and can be applied to existing applications via their NGINX CustomConfig page. (You can also customize your application's NGINX configurations in the same place!)

Announcing Ubuntu 20.04 Support




It has been a while in the building and testing (and dependency pruning), but we are now very pleased to announce that Ubuntu 20.04 is now supported across all Cloud 66 products. Some of our users have been waiting for this for a while, and we thank them for their patience!

From this point onward, brand new applications will have Ubuntu 20.04 installed. We will continue to install Ubuntu 18.04 when scaling up servers in an existing application. Don't forget, you can control your target Ubuntu version through your manifest!

For more on this, check out our blog post!

🎉 Introducing Cloud 66 Prepress





Today we are rolling out a complete new product: Cloud 66 Prepress.

Prepress deploys your static sites, built with Jekyll, Gatsby or Hugo to your own AWS and sets up everything you need to get your site up and running with your own domain and SSL certificates.

Read more about it and try it out!

Preview Deployments for Rails





Another major feature release for our Rails customers: Preview Deployments!

Deploy every PR, git tag or branch automatically as they are created, approved. Full CI/CD for all of our Rails customers with a single click.

Read more about it here

🎉 New Rails Rollout Strategies





Today we are rolling out a major new feature for all our Rails applications: support for Blue / Green deployments and Canary Releases. This is the most significant feature release we've had since Rolling and Parallel Deployment Strategies were released last year, and we are very excited about how they can help our customers deploy their applications more confidently.

Read more about them here.

New Ruby versions released





For our Rails/Rack users, the latest Ruby security patch releases are now available. This includes Ruby 3.0.2, 2.7.4 and 2.6.8. For more information, see the official release notes.

Traffic Enhancements (Part 2)





Following up from yesterday's traffic announcement, we now support allowing and blocking web traffic by Country! Take a look at your application's Network >> Traffic pages for this new traffic filter.

Note that older applications will need to update via their application updates to use of this functionality. For more on the this new functionality please see our help documentation.

Traffic Enhancements (Part 1)





I am happy to announce that today we have released the first part of our Traffic enhancement work. With this release, we now have the long awaited support for locking traffic to your load balancer! Also included in this release is automatic support for ModSec AND OWASP rule sets. We have also brought CORS configuration forward to the UI (previously this was manifest-only). Take a look at your application's Network >> Traffic page for to see the new options.

Please note that existing applications will need to update via their application updates in order to make use of Modsec and OWASP functionality. For more on the this new functionality please see our help documentation.

More network/traffic enhancements are on their way, so watch this space!